Fishing is like Marmite

We happen to love both, but while Marmite is easily available in every food store, finding the right location for fishing can be somewhat more complicated.  Of course there is wonderful fishing nearby Colislinn in the various Borders rivers, but this can get quite pricey.  Luckily there is the Hawick Angling Club, an august organisation that recently celebrated its 100th birthday.  They sell the necessary permits on behalf of a number of landowners and on this website Fisharound you get an easy overview of all the lochs, reservoirs, etc where one can fish for about a tenner a day, rather than the hundreds of pounds often necessary to catch a salmon.

The place I am keen to explore further is Acrenow Reservoir, which was originally built to supply water to Stobs Army Camp (promise to do a blog post on that as well).  When we first moved to the Borders we used to go swimming in it, but someone complained and we sort of forgot about it.  Recently though we have started walking around it because the scenery is so beautiful, and often wondered whether there was any fishing to be had.  On one of these walks we discovered a sign saying ‘Fishing Available’.

This is very exciting and as soon as I have an opportunity I will go down with my rod in search of a few brownies, (or, as I have just read on the Acrenowe Reservoir web page a large brown monster trout weighing 3.5LB!!)  Fisherman’s tales?  No doubt you will demand photographic evidence…

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