Self Catering

Self Catering at Colislinn

When on holiday we love eating well and cooking our own food and assume that you will want to do the same.  Over the years we have assembled all the kit and caboodle needed for large groups who want to do self-catering.

The Scottish Borders produce some of the best food in the UK, so please take advantage of this and shop at the local butchers, bakers and other suppliers. Furthermore, Hawick’s two supermarkets now sell all the exotic ingredients you could ever dream of.

The kitchen is well equipped with every tool, pan and gadget necessary for the recreational/holiday cook and there are many cookery books.  The cooking is done on an oil-fired AGA with a portable double electric hob for additional capacity.   In the kitchen there is also a large fridge, a microwave and a dishwasher.  In the basement there is another fridge/freezer and another large freezer.

Self-catering wouldn’t be much fun if you couldn’t all sit down together and enjoy the fruits of your labour in comfort.  The large dining room at Colislinn is particularly cosy in the evening with the curtains drawn and a lovely open fire going.  There are masses of candle sticks so that you can dine by candle light.

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