This year’s Hawick’s Cornet is Ross Nichol

The first rideout of the Hawick Common Ridings is tomorrow, Saturday, 5th May to Bonchester Bridge.  The riders will Leave Hawick at 1.00, pass right by Colislinn and arrive  at 3.30 pm. They leave Bonchester again at 5.30 and arrive back home at 8.15 pm.  This year Ross Nichol, the newly chosen Cornet, will be at the head of some 100-150 riders.  This is what it looked like a few years ago:


For the uninitiated, the Cornet is the eligable young man who heads the Common Ridings, as explained on the Colislinn page about the Common Ridings.  If you are interested in and want to know more about the fascinating traditions around common ridings in the Scottish Borders, read more here:

Best of luck everyone, hope you have good weather tomorrow!

BTW, I am pretty sure that Cornet Andrew Douglas Haddon (1910) lived at Colislinn!


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