Why not Stay at Colislinn during the Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games in London; can you imagine how busy it will be?   The capacity of the Olympic Stadium will be a staggering 80,000 people, or, wait for it, five and a half times the ENTIRE population of Hawick, Colislinn’s nearest town.

So why not come to Colislinn instead?

Imagine being in the garden at Colislinn on a sunny day.  This may not be easy as you are trying to forget London struggling to absorb the thousands of visitors to the Olympic Games, the underground, finding a seat on the busses…


In the garden at Colislinn all you can see is trees, hills and perhaps a little cloud.  All you can hear is the running water of the nearby river, the birdies singing and the woodpecker tapping away; the odd sheep bleating on the hills.  KWAM as they say.. (Ken wat A mean?)

Just choose for peace and quiet and go to: Reserve Online

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